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помогите составить три предложения по английскому языку present simple и три present continuos и три Вопросительных предложений !

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Present Simple:
The postman brings us newspaper in the morning. He lives in Moscow. I don't speak French well. I don't understand this sentence. Does your wife arrive on Monday? The steamer sails tomorrow.
Present Continuous:
He is reading a book. She is typing a letter. They are going to the theatre tonight. He is taking his examination on Friday. She is leaving by the five o'clock train. The telephone is ringing.


1)Ей не нравится баскетбол? - She doesn’t like basketball?

2)Как часто ты путешествуешь? - How often do you travel?

3)Она ходит в школу? - Does she go to school?












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I often play tennis with my dad.I tidy my room every week. I never watch TV. Tonight,I'm going to the party with my friends. I'm getting up early in this morning. Tommorow,I'm flying to New York.

What are you doing ? Do you want to eat something? Is this girl coming tonight?