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Диалог о защита окружающей средына английском

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вот  мы на уроке что то похожее делали, а что то из инета))





Oh, no, boys. I want you to change the subject. It's better to be contemplating the grandeur of the land from a bird's eye view than to be doing sums.

 Yeah, everything on the Earth looks as unprotected and tiny as ants.

Do ants need to be protected? Though from the point of their medical value that seems to make sense.

If only people took care of the environment and of one another they would never need any medical aid.

Are you a Greenpeace supporter?

Yes, the whole group of us.

Oh, I'm pleased to hear that. It's a noble aim to keep the planet green and cities clean, eh?

Yes, but we understand environmental protection is more than just picking up litter and planting trees. We must take into consideration all the factors that people's survival depends upon.

Patrick. Sure, we must begin to fight air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution. We want everybody to do his or her best in caring for all human beings.

Shall I stop going by car, using sprays, eating food in plastic cans, or wearing a fur coat?

It would be better for the environment and eventually for you, if you did.

Should we reject the progress then?

Never! But we must take control of the progress to give it a humanistic direction.