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Помогите пожалуйста перевести в косвенную речь


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1/ Alex said that he looking for a new job. 2.she said that she help badly. 3. Rosie said that she like roses. 4 The children said that they whatching a new cartoon film. 5.The old woman said that she havent make a photocopy of it for you. ой короче и дальше так пиши, c that. шея уже болит.

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1. Alexander said that he was looking for a new job.

2. She said that she needed help badly.

3. Rosie said that she liked roses.

4. The children said that they were watching a new cartoon film.

5. The old woman complained that she had not seen her friends for a long time.

6. The secretary promised that she would make a photocopy of that for me.

7. My friends said that they could help me.

8. The chief said to Susan that she might take a day-off the following day.

9. The programmer said that he would do that on his word-processor.

10. The accountant said that he had been doing that work for twenty years already.

11. My neighbours said that their dog had run away.

12. My granny complained that she had been feeling really bad lately.

13. My brother explained to me that he had videotaped that film and he would show it to me the following night.

14. Harry said that he had been sitting at his computer for quite a long time , but he had not done much.

15. The waitress said that there was a pay -phone in the coffee shop.