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Напишите письмо с любым именем. Пожалуйста срочно надо! Dear ______________ It was great to get your letter. My name __________________________________________________________ I live in____________________________________________________________ I am ______________________________________________________________ I live with __________________________________________________________ I _________________________________________________friends in my class. My favourite school subject ___________________________________________ In my free time____________________________________________________ I can ______________________________________________________________ Yours, ​

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Dear Denis

it was great to get your letter

My name is Anton

I live in Harkov in Ukraine

I am very love my town

I live with with my mother Vera,Grandmother Alice,and with my older sister Kate

i have many friends in my class

in my free time i love play some videogame or play football with my friend Artem

I can meet you in my secret place (you know) in Sat.12;00 AM

Your Anton