помогите с заданием. Запишите специальные вопросы к предложениям , используя вопросительные слова в скобках

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1) There are Few computers  in the office.(what?)
2) There are two metal boxes for letters in the bookcase. (what boxes?)

3) There will be a fax machine in the secretary study. (In whose study?)

4) There  was an old scanner on the shelf/(what scanner?)

5) There are five markers on her table. (How many markers?)

6) There are seven days in a week. (how many days?)

7) There will be no wars in future. (what?)

8) There are sixty minutes in an hour.(How many minutes?)
9) There were two stadiums in the town. (How many stadiums?)

10) There will be a party tomorrow. (what?)

11) There is little ink in the pen. ( How much ink?)

12) There will be a small demonstration in hyde park  on sunday. (Where?)

13) There were some mining areas in this country some years ago. (what areas?)

14) There are four employees in the accounts department.(How many employees ?)

15) There will be many guests in the conference in a week?(When?)

16) There  is a comfortable assembly hall in the main office. (What assembly hall?)
17) There is no reason for us to change the terms of payment. (Why?)

18) There was no time for the managers to examine the goods that day. (thom?)